Welcome to the Millhouse Capital Investment Group Ltd., a subsidiary of the Millhouse Capital UK Ltd based in London.  


The last few years we got lots of requests from people all over the world which were seriously interested to invest in our company group and to earn acceptable profits. Therefore we have decided to open a small access for private investments. 



What is a profitable investment ?  


Why should you make the trouble to select a successful investment ? - It's simple: If you do not achieve at least 2,5% return, of course after deduction of all taxes, you will reduce your capital. The longer you are satisfied with a mini return type, the smaller the base of your investment.




Business areas we are involved in:

The broad range of services we provide includes:


Heavy industry / steel
Light industry Investment Services
Real Estate
Mineral resources (gold, oil, gas, copper, silver)
Shipping lines
Business acquisitions




The alternative private investment company  


The company sole business is the acquisition of and participation in companies and to establish new companies worldwide. The very important part of our entrepreneurial objectives is financial gain, as well as bringing individual creativeness into its maximum economic potential.       


We do not do what everyone else does, we go our own ways and always will. Our view is that it is going to be something different.